Armenian newspapers today: pre-electoral meetings will start soon

“Zhokhovurd” referred to the announcement by the member of the “Free democrats” party Armen Araqelyan, according which “Prosperous Armenia” party cheats the people. “Members of the “Prosperous Armenia” party have been at the authority for five years they used the authority and now they want to let the whole responsibility on the RPA. They are acting like opposition. Now RPA acts more morally as it does not try to refuse its responsibility.”  Speaking about the “Rule of Law” party Araqelyan announced that this party is just a branch of RPA and it is natural that RPA appreciates them.

As “Haykakan zhamanak” informs Armenian Revolutionary Federation is going to hold a meeting at the Liberty Square on April 10. The newspaper was informed by the ARF office yesterday. It will be the first pre-electoral meeting of the party. The newspaper reminds that ARF prepares also meetings in the regions and has already planned the agenda.

On April 8 “Rule of Law” party is going to hold a meeting at the Liberty Square. Armenian National Congress will meet its supporters on March 30 again at the Liberty Square.  

“168 hours” writes that brother of Hovik Abrahamyan Jonik Abrahamyan refused his candidacy, He was presented at the Ararat region, 17th electoral territory. The newspaper also reminds that RPA has presented Karine Pogosyan’s candidacy at the same electoral territory.

As “Hayatsq” newspaper writes building of Armenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is already sold. A company which is engaged in the hotel business has bought the building with 400.000.000 USD. According to the source Armenian MFA will be transferred to the former building of the Ministry of Justice.

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