Expert: “Possibility of French replacement with EU in the OSCE MG is not realistic”

Today expert on Turkey Hakob Chaqryan and expert of the “Noravanq” scientific-educational foundation Aristakes Simavonyan met journalists at the “Henaran” press-club and spoke about the new resolution on Armenian Genocide which will be discussed at US Senate referred to the Armenian-Turkish relations and also spoke about the NK issue settlement.

Hakob Chaqryan commented on the possibility that France may be replaced with the EU in the OSCE Minsk Group expert on Turkey announced that it is impossible and not realistic. According to him first Armenia must give its agreement and then Artsakh must do the same for it.

“Besides this, EU includes 27 countries and misbalance will be between the co-chairs”, the exoert noted and added that Erdogan just tried to make pressure on the process but the co-chairing countries would not let Turkey to be involved in the process.

H. Chaqryan considers that EU rates OSCE MG activities especially the work which is done during last two years. Accoridng to the speaker Turkey will also try to involve Iran in the process but the OSCE MG co0-chairing countries will prevent it as well.

Speaking about Armenian-Turkish relations the expert underlined that no approach is expected in near future. “Turkey is waiting for the US President’s speech on April 24. And if we take into consideration the mixed situation in the world I do not think that the international society will be involved in the issue now”. 

The expert also spoke about the new resolution on Armenian Genocide recognition which will be discussed in the US Senate. “I think this will be the next such discussion in the Senate. It will be really difficult to accept it. I think it will be just discussed. This is just another step by the USA to warn Turkey it must cooperate with the USA on Syrian issue.”

Another speaker of the press-conference expert of “Noravanq” foundation Aristakes Simavonyan noted in his turn that Turkey now tries to present itself as a new country in the international arena. The speaker also considers that Turkey tries to get a new status in the world but it is a great question whether it will success or not. “I do not think that Turkey will be able to gain any significant success especially in relations with Arabic countries. Turkey fails as more as it is involved in Arabic affairs”, the expert said.

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