Armenian President: “It is common case for Azerbaijan to spread disinformation about Armenia everywhere”

Armenian President is at the Korean Republic with the working visit and today he has participated in the 2012 summit on nuclear security. Armenian President delivered speech during the summit press service of Armenian President informs about this. Serzh Sargsyan thanked the organizers of the summit and personally thanked President Lee Miun-Bak for hosting such an important event. Armenian President rated highly US President B. Obama’s efforts since 2010 Washington summit.

“Nuclear security has always been one of the most important issues for Armenia. We have always participated in offered programs and assisted them. We have also held concrete steps to create a working mechanism for the supervision”, S. Sargsyan underlined.

According to the President a new law is accepted in Armenia about the supervision of the goods of double meanings and nuclear goods are among them as well.

Armenian President also noted that Armenia also cooperated with the UN researching institute of inter regional crimes and justice.  As S. Sargsyan noted Armenia assisted the fulfillment of the UN 1540 resolution.

”All of us rated the central role of the Atomic Energy International Agency (IAEA) in supervision and protection of the radioactive and nuclear materials. Armenia develops cooperation with the committee as Armenia has atomic energy production.”

Armenian President underlined that Armenian Atomic station coincides with the international criterions and the group by MAGATE also confirmed it after the appropriate checks.

Armenian President used the occasion and thanked IAEC for the assistance and cooperation.

Armenian President also referred to the disinformation which Azerbaijani side presented about the Armenian Atomic station during the Seoul summit. “The obvious disinformation which was announced by the Azerbaijani President about Armenian Atomic station is not surprise for me as it is common case for Azerbaijan to spread disinformation about Armenia everywhere. Azerbaijan spreads disinformation not only by Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh but also presents the documents accepted by you and us under false light. Even the UN documents on Nagorno Karabakh are distorted and they forget that they have started military actions and then refused to stop them. They do not want to settle the issue based on the international law and continue making military announcements”, Armenian President underlined.

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