“Theatre has always been and will be”: today is World Theatre Day

Today, on March 27 the whole world celebrates World Theatre Day. Today some Yerevan press-clubs invited people from this sphere and discussed issue concerning this branch of art.

“Theatre has always been, it exists now and will be in future as well. When the cinema was created it was told that the theatre will die, but theatre managed to live. After it the TV was born and it was announced again that the theatre will die, but it lives. Now there is internet, but theatre again lives and will live I future as well. Theatre exists now as nothing will be changed with the living connection form the scene. Everything is living on the scene and is born with the audience. Perj Zeytuntsyan has a great expression about this. He says: that cinema shows us and we see the performance ourselves”, Armenian people’s artist Arthur Utmazyan said about this during the meeting with the journalists. A. Utmazyan noted that he was safe for the future of the Yerevan Drama Theatre as there are many talented actors there. “Change of generation will pass fluently in the Drama theatre”.

Head of theatrical troop of the Yerevan Drama Theatre, actor Hovhannes Teqgyozyan noted in his turn that theatre is feast for him and never matters which role he will play on that day. As Teqgyozyan noted the connection between audience and actors is the most important him.

The speaker also referred a phenomenon which is actual issue in our country. As Teqgyozyan noted the drama writer and the theatre are working separately in our country. “But the theatres can exist without the national drama. May be this is a paradox but there are good theatres in the world where the national drama is not very developed”.

Despite of this fact the speakers informed that Yerevan Drama Theatre works with drama writer Perj Zeytuntsyan for already many years and a new performance is prepared which will be devoted to the 100th anniversary of Armenian Genocide. The performance will tell about 4 soldiers of ASALA.

Chairman of the Armenian theatrical activists union, director Hakob Ghazanchyan also met journalists and spoke about the issues concerning theatre. He underlined that there are many talented young artists whom he would like to see by TV as well.  

Remind that the World Theatre Day is celebrated since 1961 when UNESCO announced March 27 to the Theatre Day.

Today “Artavazd” theatrical award will take place at Music Comedy theatre after H. Paronyan. The event is also devoted to the World Theatre Day.

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