Russian MFA representative about OSCE MG: “The co-chairs are working quite constructively”

The role and effectiveness of the OSCE MG in NK issue settlement process has been discussed for many times especially recently. Some days ago OSCE MG US co-chair Robert Bradtke gave a large interview to Radio Liberty and noted the achievements of the OSCE MG. Armenian top officials have also rated publicly the role of the OSCE MG in NK issue settlement complicated process.

“The issue of replacing the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs has not been included in agenda by the French co-chair or EU High Representative. All three co-chairs are working together and intensively”. Representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Alexander Lukashevich announced during the traditional briefing.  

“The co-chairs are working quite constructively. Along with the intensification of the relations, the volume of documents agreed in different and highest levels has increased recently”. 

Alexander Lukashevich quoted the ministerial statement issued in support of the efforts toward the settlement of the Nagorno Karabakh conflict. “This shows that there are large opportunities for maneuver, influence on the conflict sides. Intensively realizing the conflict sides’ call in January meeting with the Russian president in Sochi, the Minsk Group stressed that it was ready to accelerate the work on the main principles of the settlement. All of these show that the format goes right and the potential of the group, which marks its 20 years this month, doesn’t come to an end”. 

Note that recently especially Azerbaijani media spread information according which France might be replace with the EU in the OSCE MG. 

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