Armenian President had meetings with Singaporean high level officials

After participating in the 2012 Summit of Nuclear Security in Seoul on March 26-27 Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan left for Singapore with official visit as it was scheduled.

As informs Armenian President was hosted by his Singaporean counterpart Tony Tan Qen Yam at the “Istana” Governmental residence.

After the welcoming ceremony two Presidents went to the meeting hall. Singaporean President welcomed his Armenian counterpart and noted that Armenia and Singapore had history of more than a century thought the diplomatic relations have been established only 20 years ago between two countries.

“Armenian Community has an important role in our life. First newspaper and first Christian church were established by Armenians in our country”, Singaporean President noted and assured that Armenians have had really great establishment in their state.

He offered Singaporean assistance to Armenia and offered also to exchange the experience especially taking into consideration Singaporean experience of the state service sphere.

In his turn Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan thanked for the acceptance and reacted positively towards the offers and expressed wish to use the Singaporean experience both in state service and economical sphere.

At the same residence S. Sargsyan also met Prime Minister of the country Li Sian Lun. Singaporean PM also offered his country’s assistance and spoke about the Armenian-Singaporean warm relations. He expressed satisfaction towards the renewed Armenian-Singaporean economical relations.  

PM noted that Armenian President’s visit to Singaporean Flyer is also planned. Three countries at once are seen from the flyer and Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore are those three countries. PM Lun underlined that Armenia is a small country like Singapore and ensured: “Size of the country can not be an obstacle for its development”.

Referring to the Armenian and Singaporean participation in the 2012 Summit of Nuclear Session in Seoul Singaporean PM said: “Small countries do not decide the direction of the international relations, but they live by the international rules”.

Note that two documents have been signed as a result of negotiations with the Singaporean Government.

Today Armenian President will participate in the dinner after Singaporean Business Federation where the leaders of the great companies will be.  

In the evening state dinner will be served in honor of the Armenian President.

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