Officially: building of the Armenian MFA is not sold

Yesterday Armenian printing and e-media spread information according which the building of Armenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is sold to the foreign company which is engaged in hotel business. Armenian department of the state property management (ADSPM) denied this information and presented an explanation towards the issue.

“Printing and e-media has spread information according which building of Armenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been sold and the media representatives have even noted the price of the building. We inform that no one such deal has taken place and it could not be without the public announcement and especially without the process which is intended by the law.

May be such assumptions are a result of the information which was announced before and according which a new building will be built at the place of the former building of the Ministry of Justice and the Ministries which do not have own territories will be transferred to the new building. Among them are Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Diaspora, Ministry of foreign Affairs.

Building of the MFA does not correspond with the international standards and contemporary claims. The restoration of the building will be less effective and will claim more expenses. So it will be more effective if the Ministry is transferred to another building which is modern and comfortable”.

The message also informs that Armenian Government assured the project to building a new edifice and all details concerning the process will be announced.

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