French-Armenians announce that they are shocked

After the refusal of the Armenian parliament to speak for the recognition of Assyrian genocide, several French-Armenian associations say they are shocked.

The Armenians of France, spearheaded the Armenian genocide, can not understand the decision of the Armenian parliament to stop a legitimate request. Armenian French journalist Jean Eckian from Paris informs about this.

With this iniquitous decision, the famous words of the philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy ” solidarity of the castaways” loses all meaning some say. Adding “A shame for us.”

Several communes of France recognized the genocide Assyrian. The Assyrians from France participate in the commemorations of the Armenian Genocide on April 24.

Remind that the discussions of Armenian Genocide have also take place in France recently. On January 23 French Senate accepted the bill of criminalization the Armenian Genocide denial. According to the bill the one who denies Armenian Genocide publicly will be fired with 45.000 Euros and will be sentenced with a year. French deputy Valerie Boyer is the author of the bill.

But French Constitutional Council announced that the bill was anti Constitutional and may not be used. N. Sarkozy promised that another bill will be worked out, but he will hardly manage to do it till May when his term is over.

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