Politicians and experts discuss: what political elite is

Today on March 28 representatives of some political forces and some experts met “Debate” club and had a discussion about the political elite of the country. Member of the RPA party Lernik Alexanyan considers that political elite is a “conditional concept” and it is changed in various times. “Sometimes people are engaged in politics without their will then they become political figures. Everyone who cares about his country, his nation and the future this person is already in the politics”, Alexanyan considers.

Another participant of the debate member of the “Prosperous Armenia” party Vahe Enfiajyan noted that “political elite” concept is used in some frames but it does not have large application.

Member of the Armenian Democratic Party Aram Gyurjyan noted that the concept needs to be clarified. “Elite is not limited by only political activities. These people must be creative. They must have the character of the developer and must have the function of educating”, he noted. The participant of the discussion also noted that the elite is associated with just being successful in our society.

Politician Hrant Melik-Shahnazaryan appreciated the fact young people want to have their investment in the country’s social-political processes more and more. According to him the leading parties want to include young educated people in the processes. Their presence in the coming Parliament will assist to make right decisions.  

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