Armenian newspapers: electoral lists and women Ministers after elections

“Zhokhovurd” newspaper writes that two candidates of “Prosperous Armenia” party Vahan Babayan and Tigran Urikhanyan will refuse their places in the list. According to the newspaper these two people have been included in first 20 places as they were considered to work for the “Prosperous Armenia” during the pre-electoral period. But now the party is not satisfied with their work and may be they will refuse the mandate of the deputies just after the elections in order to escape from the scandals. The newspaper tried to get comment from T. Urikhanyan but the latter answered that he did not want to answer to any question.

“Azg” newspaper writes: “Presence of the businessmen in the NA is discussed very much and it was noted for many times that the issue must be regulated and the businessmen must be engaged or in their business or in the lawmaking process. Moreover, Armenian Republican Party announced that the businessmen will not be included in their list this time. But as the reality showed businessmen were included in all lists of the leading and opposition parties. There are businessmen even in the Communist Party.”

“Yerkir” newspaper referred to the problems with resignation of Khachatur Suqiasyan’s candidacy. Newspaper writes that if Khachatur Suqiasyan has not lived in Armenia during the last five years (in real he was absent from the country just for 10 months and 20 days) but Armenian NA deputies Tigran Arzaqantsyan and Harutyun Pambukyan always live abroad.

“Zhokhovurd” newspaper has also refers to the same theme and writes that Tatul Hakobyan who is presented at electoral territory No. 37 has lived in Denmark for already 1.5 years. He is an expert at the World Healthcare Company.

As “Yerkir” newspaper writes member of the RPA pre-electoral list singer Shushan Petrosyan will not appear in the Armenian National Assembly after the elections. “RPA sees her in the government and she is supposed to become Armenian Minister of Culture of deputy Minister of culture”. The same newspapers also writes that Minister of Diaspora Hranush Hakobyan will remain in her position after the elections as well.

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