Armenian Human Rights Defender estimates work of RA Ministry of Transport and Communication

In frame of the assessments of the Armenian Ministries’ activities press service of Armenian Human Rights Defender presents Karen Andreasyan’s evaluation about the RA Ministry of Transports and Communication.

Shortcomings and problemsidentified

 · During 2011 several cases of violations in schedules of interregional minibus routes were registered.

· Proper measures were not taken for the compliance of sub-regulatory points with requirements set by the RA Government decision N1604 (27.12.2007) – (waiting room, booking offices, household, sanitary centers for passengers and drivers (sanitary unit, washbasin) and etc.).

· The issue of public transport accessibility for people with disabilities remains unsolved.

· Measures have not been taken for clarification of the procedure of state registration and requirements for homemade vehicles.

 Positive Developments 

· During 2011, 4900 administrative violations were registered, as compared to 3700 during last year,  in the result of which 34.5 million AMD was logged in the RA State Budget as compared to 23.0 million AMD during the previous year.

· During 2011, taxes, rental fees and other non-tax revenues with a total amount of 838,5 million AMD were logged in the RA State Budget.

· Changes were made in the licensing procedure of the organization of passengers regular transportation by  motor vehicles of general use and taxi-automobiles, as a result of which procedures were improved and corruption risks – reduced.

· Regulations were implemented in the legal field regulating the process of compulsory technical inspection of vehicles to ensure an opportunity to conduct vehicles’ technical examination in any station of an organization, which has a license on technical inspection activities.

· By the Ministry initiative several laws and draft legal act aiming at the prevention of law violations in the motor vehicle field, were submitted to the RA Government.

Karen Andreasyan, Human Rights Defender of the Republic of Armenia 

The list of the identified positive developments, gaps and shortcomings is not exhaustive.

The introduced Chapter (24) of the HRD Annual Report 2011 is available in full at

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