Expert: OSCE MG is doing its task

OSCE Minsk Group is the last border and if it is passed the conflicting sides will lead a war and nothing will be able to prevent it”. Expert Manvel Ghumashyan expressed such opinion while concluding the 20 years of OSCE MG activities.  

The speaker underlined that though NK issue is not settled now but peace has been protected for these years. Commenting on the various reactions towards the OSCE MG M. Ghumashyan underlined that two countries have various expectations from the OSCE MG.

Azerbaijan does not evaluate positive the activities of the OSCE MG. Of course all of us realize that the OSCE MG is not able to settle the issue. Activities of twenty years are not been evaluated by the same way. But we have done our task. Artsakh belongs to us de facto and it just needs de jure resignation”, the analyst considers.

Referring to the changes of the OSCE MG especially French replacement with EU, the speaker underlined that it will not give anything significant. “France is a part of the EU and all decisions in the EU are accepted by consensus”.

M. Ghumashyan underlined that Turkish-Azerbaijani lobby has become very active on this theme to achieve their aim but it is not possible now. 

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