Turks held protects action in France

An article published in the French magazine “Le point”, according to a report by the French Direction Centrale du Renseignement français Intérieur (Central Directorate of Interior Intelligence – DCRI), reveals that a Turkish nebula ultranationalist organizations Grey wolves (MHP) infiltrated in France on January 21, 2012 during the demonstration against the adoption of the Bill penalizing the Armenian genocide denial. Armenian-French journalist from Paris Jean Eckian informs about this.

Moreover, the report of the DCRI (19 pages with pictures), reveals the names of the instigators, with a certain Yuzuf Zya Arpacik, a “paramilitary involved in many operations disorders, carried out directly or indirectly by Turkey.” He notably fought the Armenians to the Karabakh and the Americans in Iraq.

The organizations participating in the event are: Federation of turcs from France (Germany, Austria, Denmark, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Centre culturel Anatolia, Association Ataturquie, Radio MIT, Turquie News online, Association for the thinking of Atatürk, Talaat Pasha Committee and representatives of the Grey Wolf from Antwerp, Strasbourg, etc.

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