The next terrible incident in Azerbaijani Army took place: two are dead, two are wounded

The next criminal case was recorded in Azerbaijani Defense Ministry’s N military unit situated in Terter region. 

APA informs referring to the press service of the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry that soldier Abbasov Mammad Abbas killed soldier Hasanov Emil Gilman by firing from submachine gun because of dispute between them, then committed suicide. Two other soldiers were wounded as the submachine gun was in automatic mode. Their situation is stabile. 

The criminal case has been launched into the fact, the investigation is underway. 

As the source reports the wounded soldiers are Teymur Tamirov, 19, and Babek Ibishov, 20. Tamirov was drafted from Baku’s Nizami District Military Commissariat, Ibishov from Imishli Region Military Commissariat.

Killed soldier Emil Hasanov was drafted Lankaran Region Military Commissariat, Mammad Abbasov from Baku’s Nasimi District Military Commissariat. 

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