V. Hovahnnisyan: “Parliamentarian diplomacy is an important issue”

Today the forth conference of the Hay Dat commissions and offices started in Yerevan. Speaking during the conference head of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) fraction in the Armenian NA Vahan Hovhannisyan announced that Armenian Parliament is not ready now for the Parliamentarian diplomacy. The speaker underlined that many people do not give necessary importance to it but it is really important issue. So offices of Hay Dat must pay more attention to the Parliamentarian diplomacy everywhere. According to him Armenian foreign policy does not assist it sometimes. “Offices of hay Dat must work as if we have excellent foreign policy. Otherwise we will not get any results”, V. Hovhannisyan underlined.

During his speech he also referred to the Turkish-Azerbaijani propaganda. According to the deputy Turkish-Azerbaijani lobby is based on the material values, but Armenian side is not able to do the same. “We have never done it as we have a ideological base. We have something to tell and we have something to prove”.

Vahan Hovhannisyan has presented to the Hay Dat activities some questions and then answered to them. “Whether the struggle of Hay Dat is actual issue today? Are Armenians interested in it? Or may be there are more important and actual issues now and may be it is time to put away this struggle?”, asked himself V. Hovhannisyan and answered: “There is no more actual issue now that Hay Dat struggle is as all other issues are connected with the great tragedy which is called Genocide. Armenian people suffered it is continued also today. Hay Dat is struggling for the justice. And this struggle is for every Armenian citizen. Armenian citizen realizes this but some political forces do not”, V. Hovhannisyan underlined.  

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