Patrick Fiori: “I have always been in a struggle to be a dignified Armenian”

“I was brought up with Armenian music with Armenian taste and aromas. My grandma used to turn off the cup of the coffee after she drunk it and tried to make some predictions by the images”. Well-known French-Armenian singer Patrick Fiori remembered his childhood during the press conference today in Yerevan, “Mezzo Classic House Club”.

According to the singer his father educated him with Armenian moral values and by the Armenian mentality. “I have always been in a struggle to be a dignified Armenian”.

Fiori also said that his connection with Armenia started some years ago when an Armenian Hakob Khachatryan offered him to become a trustee of the “Province Armenia” company and he agreed. After it he presented the assistance of the company to the people who needed it. “I am very proud that I am an Armenian. I am always touched by the acceptance which I and my friends get here”, Fiori said.

Note that French-Armenian well-known singer will stage in Yerevan, “Mezzo” club on March 31 in frame of the Francophone days in Armenia. On the beginning of the event French-Armenian talented young boy 11 years old Raffi will stage for the audience.

Fiori noted that he has been in various tours for more than a year and now he is happy to conclude the concerts in Yerevan.

“This is a really good occasion to come Armenia and meet Armenian young people”, the singer said and added that he will return to Armenia soon and may be he will present a solo concert in Yerevan.

French-Armenian singer noted positive progress in our country. “I note a perfect positive progress and the young people now are more attractive that I saw them some years ago”, the singer underlined.

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