Arthur Abraham will hold his next match today

Yesterday the weighting ceremony of the Armenian professional boxer Arthur Abraham and his rival Polish boxer Peter Vilshevski took place at German Kiel city. As Armenian press service of Arthur Abraham informs Armenian boxer weights 76.2 kg and P. VVilshevski weights 76.1 kg.

The struggle will take place today, on March 31 at the “Sparkassen-Arena” sport complex, Germany, Kiel city. The match will be broadcasted by Armenian Public Channel at night.

Remind that on January 14 Arthur Abraham had a struggle against Argentinean boxer Pablo Oscar Natalio Farrias at “Baden-Arena” sport complex and he won the match. This victory brought him the title of the Champion of Europe by WBO version.

Remind that on March 27 Arthur Abraham held an open training and after it a press conference was held. He announced then that the preparing level of is passed by agenda and now he is well-trained. Armenian press service of the sportsman informs about this.

“I have prepared for 2.5 months seriously. I have had trainings for five weeks at Kinbaum city 100 km far from Berlin. Now everything is well with me. I do not underestimate Peter Vilshevski, but I think that the victory will be mine”, Arthur Abraham said.

 Note that Abraham’s trainer Uli Vegner is also satisfied with the trainings.

We wish success to our world-known sportsman.

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