Experts: “Iranian-Azerbaijani relations are strained now”

Armenian experts on Azerbaijan and Iran Sargis Asatryan and Armen Israelyan met journalists today and spoke mainly about Azerbaijani-Iranian and Azerbaijani-Israeli relations. According to the speakers Azerbaijani and Iranian relations are now strained and it is good for Armenia.

“When Iranian-Azerbaijani relations are good Iran makes anti Armenian announcements. Now their relations are good for Armenia. This occasion must be used and the relations with Iran must be developed”, said expert on Azerbaijan Sargis Asatryan.

Expert on Iran Armen Israelyan underlined in his turn that Iranian high level officials announce now that Azerbaijani state has been created only on the beginning of 20th century.

“These announcements are good for us. Remind that some days ago Iranian Ambassador to Armenia noted some days ago at the Yerevan State University that no state named Azerbaijan existed till 1918”, he said.

As A. Israelyan noted Iranian intellectuals express dissatisfaction towards the “Eurovision” song contest which will be held in Baku.

“Especially the possible parade of homosexuals is criticized by Iranians”.

Speaking about Israeli possible attack on Iran both speakers informed that Azerbaijan will hurry to make profits from the situation and will start some actions against Nagorno Karabakh.

Azerbaijan makes military announcements every day and it will use every occasion”, Armen Israelyan underlined.

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