Various forces discuss Syrian issue: they call on Syrian authorities to stop the bloodshed

As ABC News informs representatives of more than 80 nations and the Syrian opposition met inIstanbulon the weekend. Syrian issue is the main theme of the meeting.

According to the publication a group called Friends of Syria maintained the pressure on President Bashar al Assad to end the violence in his country.

At the same time US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton held discussions onSyriawith the authorities ofSaudi Arabia. According to Wall Street Journal US State Secretary aims to implement a cease-fire in the country.

Mrs. Clinton’s talks with Saudi King Abdullah and other officials come ahead of a 60-nation gathering of the Friends of the Syrian People inIstanbulover the weekend aimed at finding ways to aidSyria‘s opposition. hoping to help unify the splintered opposition’s ranks while pushing for humanitarian aid and further isolation of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regime.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad announced on Thursday that he wants the plan to succeed, but insisted that the opposition must first commit to a cease-fire as well. Mr. Annan urged the Syrian government to halt its troops first.

Clashes in Syria have started on March 2011 and according to the UN more that 8000 people have already been killed as a result of clashes. The Western powers assist Syrian opposition and call on the Syrian current authorities to resign. Only Russia and China prevent the UN SC sanctions against Syria.Russia considers that both Syrian authorities and opposition are guilty for the situation.

Photo from Reuters

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