Sheikha Fariha will visit Armenia soon

In the frame of the cooperation of Armenian Embassy in Kuwait and Armenian organizations in Kuwait head of the foundation of the “Exemplary mother” Sheikha Fariha’s visited Armenian St. Vardanats Church in Kuwait on March 29, press and information department of Armenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs informs.

Sheikha Fariha was accepted officially at the yard of the church. Representatives of Armenian organizations in Kuwait delivered welcoming speeches and underlined that Sheikha Fariha’s visit was historical and had a significant role for Armenians in Kuwait. The speakers underlined that it would also have its positive influence on the inter-governmental ties.

 After it the holy mass was served for strengthening of Armenian-Kuwaiti relations.  

After the ceremony Sheikha Fariha spoke about the Armenian role and meaning for Kuwait. She rated Armenian devotion to the Kuwaiti Government and nation and underlined that Armneians have always been with Kuwait at its hard minutes.

On the same day Armenian Community served a supper in honor of Sheikha Fariha. Armenian Ambassador to Kuwait Fadey Charchoghlyan delivered a speech. He noted in his speech that Sheikha Fariha will soon be invited to visit Armenia with official visit and that visit will expand and develop inter-governmental relations between two countries.

Sheikha Fariha’s visit and meeting with Armenian Community was widely presented by the local media.

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