Expert: “Political propaganda starts just after the elections and continues till the next elections”

Political propaganda always exists. It starts just after the elections and continues till the next elections. But now it is impossible to evaluate the political propaganda now as the pre-electoral campaign term is not started officially yet. Expert of the Armenian Public Relations Association (APRA) Armen Movsisyan announced about this during the press conference today.

According to A. Minasyan role of the e-media representatives and social networks is now more in the pre-electoral processes. “In general, Armenian TV channels and other media representatives increase their role during the elections”, the speaker underlined and added that that media also has influence on the voters’ mood and this makes media more important.

Referring to the printing media which is now monitored the speaker noted that this type of media presents news more balanced. But three parties which also are registered by Central Electoral Committee, Armenian Democratic Party, Armenian Communists Part and “United Armenia” Party are not presented in the printing media as well.

A Minasyan also noted that the denying articles and materials with evaluation are more in the printing media. Another speaker of the press conference chairman of the Yerevan Press Club Boris Navasardyan noted in his turn that according to the monitoring positive tendency is noted though the secret ads continue to exist.

“Some media representatives act as if there is no election in the country”, B. Navasardyan considers. According to him Armenian Public Channel is one of such examples. Now this TV channel presents more cultural events and this can be considered as ignorance towards the electoral process.

According to the Chairman of the Yerevan Press Club three electoral factors can be presented inArmenia. Financial resources, administrative resources and media representatives are those factors. 

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