Unique center of cancer treatment will be opened in Armenia

Armenian Competitive Foundation (ACF) and Belgian “Global Medical Solutions” company signed a statement today at Armenian Government. Armenian Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan attended the event, press service of Armenian Government informs about this. Executive director of the ACF Arman Khachaturyan and chief executive director of the “Global Medical Solution” company Hayk Bakrjyan signed the statement.

As a result of this cooperation extra modern center of the cancer treatment will be opened in Yerevan. The center will include three parts which will be provided with technique. Laboratory, diagnostic center and clinic will be included in the center. According to the source all parts will be provided with unique technical measures and will assist the ill people the best.

The center will let find out the cancer formations in early term and it will assist to take more effective care.

This will also give every patient to choose the concrete method of treatment and will assist the nuclear medicine development in Armenia.

The management of the center will be fulifilled by the Global Medical Solutions Company as it has a great international experience in this sphere. GMS leads such centers in Australia, Brazil, China, Hong Kong, New Zeeland, Filipinas, Taiwan and Thailand.

The program in Armenia is fulfilled by state-private cooperation and it will cost 35 million Euros.

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