Armenians in Georgia want to place a memorial of Armenian Genocide victims in Tbilisi

“Armenian Community in Georgia” applied to the Tbilisi Municipality and the Urban Council for permission to let place a memorial dedicated to the victims of Armenian Genocide on 1915-1923.

“We are Armenians and we are the citizens of Georgia. We are the second ethnic minority in Georgia and are the first in Tbilisi. Despite of all applications we do not have any memorial in Tbilisi dedicated to the Armenian Genocide victims.

Now we ask to take into consideration our wish and let us place the memorial”, the application says.

The application is signed by the following organizations:

“Armenian Community in Georgia (ACG)”,

“ACG Students’ Union”,

“ACG Youth Union” and “ACG Juvenile Union”.

Remind that ACG have applied to the urban authorities and asked for the permission. But Tbilisi authorities ignore this wish. 

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