Armenian newspapers today: elections and new Government after it

“Hraparak” writes: “If Vardan Bostanjyan is not included in the list of “Prosperous Armenia” for announcing his own opinion and Vardan Oskanyan is included in the list for announcing his own opinion. Leader of the party Gagik Tsarukyan aims to the center. He did not want to announce that he would support Armenian President Sezrh Sargsyan in coming 2013 elections ad it would spoil his relations with Robert Qocharyan but at the same time he could not make relations with Serzh Sargsyan sharper and announce that the coalition is a fiction.

If Gagik Tsarukyan was the author of the list he would not include two people with extremely different opinions. But as the list war written by R. Qocharyan, so he included Vardan who announces that “Prosperous Armenia” is one of the leading political forces of Armenia. And here is the main difference between two Vardans: one of them excludes that R. Qocharyan may return to the big politics and another one lives for this aim”.

According to “Zhokhovurd” members of the RPA discussed the staff of the coming Government on Sunday. S. Sargsyan announced that serious changes are needed in coming Government. But despite of it Armenian Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan will still remain in his post. According to the newspaper’s sources RPA is dissatisfied with the Minister of Justice Hrayr Tovmasyan. It was considered necessary to change ministerial portfolios of Armen Ashotyan and Hranush Hakobyan with deputy’s mandates. The newspaper asked RPA speaker Eduard Sharmazanov whether the rumors were right. He did not deny that such discussions really took place and said that they would work out the plan of the coming Government after the elections.

As “Hraraparak” newspaper writes Chairman of Armenian National Assembly Samvel Nikoyan who is on the fifth place of the RPA list is now struggling to become the Minister of Nature Protection as he do not consider that he he will remain in his post after the elections. The newspaper did not manage to check the information as S. Nikoyan did not answer to the calls.

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