G. Nushikyan: “It is necessary to act exclusively for our country”

Head of the “Nushikyan association”, candidate of the 10th electoral territory Garegin Nushikyan answered to the questions by Times.am news web-site.

Which outer factors decide the economical growth/drop in Armenia? Which are the free competitive opportunities for the coming future?

It is very important for Armenian economy to establish trade ties with as more countries as it is possible. There are 500 million costumers in the Europe and according to some experts Armenian trade volume will be increased by 30% if Armenia cooperates with the European free economical zone. This will certainly have its influence and gross domestic product will be increased by 8 %.  So we must try to expand our relations with Europe. So we need to make serious and deep analyses in order to hold necessary steps and escape serious outer shakes for Armenia.

And which steps must be held in order to escape the negative impression of the outer factors?

I think that we must hold balanced and right foreign diplomacy and act just for the interests of country. We must be able to collate the interests of our country and the interests of the other countries and reach a bilateral cooperation by the civil negotiations. We must try to predict the negative foreign factors and prevent them as much as it is possible.

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