Euronest will create common offers and advices for the conflicts

Euronest co-chairman Christian Vigenin has announced during the press-conference in Baku that the regional security issues will be discussed in the next report of the Euronest Parliamentarian Council political committee.

“Together with Nagorno Karabakh issue Moldovan and Georgian issues will also be discussed. As Parliamentarian Council we try to create a confidence between the sides”, he said, Azerbaijani media inform.

Vigenin underlined that OSCE MG has engaged in NK issue settlement for already 20 years and it will not be settled for another 20 years as well.  

Armenia and Azerbaijan must assist OSCE MG to settle the issue”, he said.

Vigenin underlined that Euronest had no warrants to make decisions about the regional conflicts and added that the agreement was gained to prepare common advices and offers for the conflicts.

“We will also work out a system to evaluate the fulfillment of those advices and it will assist us to decide how every parliament fulfills Euronest decisions”, he said.  

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