Opinions on Iranian nuclear program: are the sanctions solution and what will the talks give?

Iranian ambassadors to various European countries and leaders of the diplomatic missions have made some announcements about the Iranian nuclear program and the Western sanctions againstIran.

According to presstv.ir Iranian ambassador to the Netherlands says the Western sanctions against the Islamic Republic have failed to hinder the country’s nuclear energy program.

Kazem Gharib Abadi said that the sanctions have, however, failed to undermineIran’s nuclear energy program as it relies on indigenous expertise and does not depend on foreign assistance. 

The Iranian diplomat also noted that the sanctions against Iran, especially the oil embargos, will be harmful to the Western countries as the global economic conditions get worse.  

As head of visiting Iranian Parliamentarian Delegation to Uganda Heshmatollah Falahat-Pisheh announced on Wednesday European Union should not follow United States of America against its interests.

Speaking about Iran and G5+1 talks, the member of the Iranian Parliament (Majlis) National Security and Foreign Policy Commission added that after the end of the Cold War the Americans tried to make unreal enemies instead of their former real enemies.

Iran showed its good will by acceptingViennaas an introduction to Lisbon talks;Tehran has clarified all the six questions raised about its nuclear activities but the G5+1 has avoided the continuation of political negotiations after theLisbontalks,” the official noted.

He added thatIranhas an important role in the establishment of peace and security in the Middle East;Iranand the West’s differences should resolve through negotiations.

US State Secretary Hillary Clinton also made an announcement aboutIranin her turn. She said Iran should commit to nuclear negotiations as soon as possible because the time for a diplomatic solution is limited.Washingtonpost.com writes about this.

Clinton says Tehran must begin addressing international concerns about its disputed nuclear weapons program or face continued pressure and isolation. She says all U.S.options are on the table to preventIranfrom acquiring nuclear weapons, but a window remains open for diplomacy.

Western officials have complained about Iranian haggling over the venue for this month’s planned talks with world powers. They were planned forIstanbul. But Iranian officials have suggested Syria,Iraq,Lebanon or China as alternative venues.

Clintonsaid she expected the European Union to announce an agreement shortly.

She said the U.S.wasn’t interested “in talks for the sake of talks.”

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