Armenian newspapers: the future government and politicians in it

“Zhokhovurd” writes that “Prosperous Armenia” party is going to play in the opposition field. Member of the this party Vardan Oskanyan has signed a document about “Creating of the staff to supervise the elections publicly” with the opposition parties Armenian National Congress, Armenian Revolutionary Federation and “Heritage” party.

This document was signed in frame of the discussion invited by the Union of the politicians. This union is lead by Hmayak Hovhannisyan who is the member of “Prosperous Armenia” party.

The newspaper is informed that “Prosperous Armenia” holds this step after agreement with Serzh Sargsyan. “Prosperous Armenia” was created just for this aim. The newspaper tries to find out whether “Prosperous Armenia” agreed with S. Sargsyan from the speaker of Gagik Tsarukyan Khachik Galstyan but the latter announced that he could not answer to this question. “Union of the Politicians invited and “Prosperous Armenia” accepted the invitation”.

As “Hraparak” writes Hovik Abrahamyan may get the post of the Secretary of National Security Council. Now Arthur Baghdasaryan is in this position. His position may be raised after the elections. According to some rumors A. Baghdasaryan is the main candidate to become the Chief Prosecutor. And Avghan Hovsepyan may be just driven away after the elections.

According to “Zhokhovurd” chairman of the patriotic organization “Armenian eagles” Khachik Asryan met Armenian President recently. Asryan is offended as he was forbidden to deliver a speech at the RPA 13th convention. According to the source Armenian President promised to give him a place in the future elections. Asryan informed the newspaper that he did not want to deliver a speech during the convention. “My speech was not in agenda. And about the place in coming Government: I do not know and only President of the country may answer to this question”.

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