Azerbaijani journalist wrote a letter to the EBU: sponsor of the “Eurovision 2012” song-contest is the killer of media freedom

Editor-in-chief of Azerbaijani “Xural” newspaper Avez Zeynalli sent a protest letter to the European Broadcasting Union. A. Zeynalli is arrested now. He expresses his protest towards “Baltica Baku” company which is the official sponsor of “Eurovision 2012” which will be held in Baku. writes about this referring to Azerbaijani “Azadlig” newspaper. Azerbaijani journalist accuses the company in killing freedom of media and speech. He reminded the case when the company fined his newspaper with 50.000 mannats. Zeynalli claims that the company is just a measure for official Baku and he considers that such company can not be the sponsor of the international contest. “I think that EBU will not give opportunity to the company which kills media freedom to sponsor “Eurovision 2012” song contest”, he said.

On 2012 “Xural” newspaper published an article about the “Baltica Baku” company which was based on the stories of the workers and told about the violations which are done in the company. The company applied to the court and claimed 150.000 mannats. But the court decided to fine 50.000 mannats. Anyway the newspaper does not exist any more now.

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