“We are coming…”: “Heritage” announces

On April 5 the Heritage Party opened its headquarters, where campaign manager Khachatur Kokobelyan unveiled the party’s strategy and intentions for the upcoming parliamentary elections. Kokobelyan said that, in addition to running a citizens’ campaign from door to door, Heritage will use all television and radio broadcast opportunities—free and paid—and display billboards throughout the republic. Press service of Heritage party informs about this.

“We will stand behind our votes,” Kokobelyan told reporters at the press conference. “We know what kinds of fraud to expect. We will answer mind with mind, force with force.”

 Kokobelyan also revealed the primary slogans for the Heritage campaign: “We are coming…” and “Together we will move mountains.” Other slogans include: “Jobs, not handouts” and “Always with the people.”

 After the press conference the new, state-of-the-art Heritage website—www.heritage.am—was presented to citizens and the press.

 The new campaign headquarters is located at Yerevan 0002, Moscovian Street 31.

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