Mashtots Park activists announce the Agreement of the civilian defiance

Activists of Mashtots Park continue their struggle in the Park. The civilian initiative delivered the next announcement and called on people to join their “civilian defiance”. The announcement especially says:

“Armenian citizens,

We are the members of the brigade who will remove the kiosks from the Mashtots Park and we are struggling for the strength of law in our country. Everyone who believes in our joint efforts and in our success may join us.

Everyone who wants to become a member of the civilian defiance must join the Agreement about the civilian defiance.

Agreement of the defiance for the citizens:

  1. Ignorance of the Armenian authorities towards the struggle in Mashtots Park caused our civilian defiance.
  2. Our civilian defiance aims to overthrow authorities’ confidence about its right to abuse its warrants and ignore its responsibilities.
  3. Civilian defiance is our measure to free Mashtots Park from the illegal constructions without using force.
  4. Mashtots Park problem is not small. The authorities are afraid if they make compromise here they will have to make compromises elsewhere too.
  5. Each of us joins the civilian defiance voluntary. Each of us realizes the dangers which wthis step can cause for our life, health, freedom and well-being.
  6. Each of us gains the necessary measures for the civilian defiance.
  7. Each of us is ready to bear all difficulties which civilian defiance will cause”.
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