Armenian newspapers: candidates are getting ready for the elections

“Hraparak” newspaper writes: “The elections are coming and the elector must know whom he will give his voice. We have formulated a simple question which has a simple answer from the first view for many of us. But we wanted to hear the answers from the candidates for the elections.

A group of the authorities’ representatives was asked if they appeared in the Parliament and a draft just for the authorities interests’ was presented at the NA and the public was against it what they would do. Would they just push a bottom? ” Khosrov Harutyunyan who is on the 18th place of the RPA list said: “I want to say that I have common ideas with the RPA. If a draft is presented at the NA so it is not for the authorities’ interest but it comes from the Government’s decision which is confirmed by the NA.”

RPA member Arman Sahakyan answered: “Let me not answer to such a hypothetic question. If I answer to it now then it will be false. If the concrete draft exists then I will tell my opinion.”

Chairman of the “Nushikyan” association Garegin Nushikyan answered to the question saying: “I have an aim to assist the people who have trusted me. So if such draft is presented I will certainly express my dissatisfaction and I will present my offers”.

According to “Zhamanak” newspaper candidate for deputy Saribek Suqiasyan (10th electoral territory) is leading terrible struggle to get the place in the Parliament. He decided to go up to the end and to keep the name of his family highly. For his aim he is using various electoral measures. According to the newspaper Saribek Suqiasyan now promised 100 USD to the voters of his electoral territory.

Blogger Tigran Qocharyan told “Aravot” newspaper that the Parliamentarian elections will be likely to the Hrazdan elections, which means that no force will be used. “It will be a real advantage. People used to hold elections with violation and use of the physical force but Hrazdan elections were a step forward. Now I know people who do not know what to do as they had their methods of the elections. These people and their methods are annihilating now”.

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