Politician: “Russian underlined that its relations with Armenia are more important than the relations with Azerbaijan”

Visit of Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov to the region must be rated highly. Politician Sergey Shaqaryants announced about this during the press-conference today.

According to the speaker S. Lavrov’s visit to Armenia was interesting as it was announced to be the working but then it was announced to be official.

“According to me it justified the change of the status. Russian underlined that its relations with Armenia are more important than the relations with Azerbaijan. Russia also expressed its opinion about the NK issues settlement”, the politician underlined.

S. Shaqaryants compared S. Lavrov’s speeches in Yerevan and Baku and noted that NK issue was discussed melt in Yerevan but in Baku he expressed firm attitude. The politician also announced that Russia is preparing the next meeting between the conflicting sides.

“He came to prepare that we will deal with firm policy on May when Putin gets the post. So Russia warned some countries including Turkey that it may recognize Arstakh independence. He also warned Azerbaijan not to launch a new war and do not present its territory to another country”, the politician considers.

The speaker also noted that now Russia holds long-term military exercises and it is not accidental. Such long-term military exercises were held on 2008 when Osetia and Abkhazia got independence. We do not announce that Russia is getting ready to recognize Artsakh independence but this is a signal”.  

The politician also commented on the information according which Azerbaijan bought weapon from Israel. “Even if Azerbaijan buys atomic bomb, it will not overcome the neighboring countries and will not violate the balance of the forces”.

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