Armenian sportsmen will return from European Championship with 11 medals

The last day of the European Sambo championship for young girls and men was especially successful for Armenian sportsmen. As Armenian Sambo Federation informs on April 8 Gor Malyan (56 kg) staged perfectly and was announced as champion of Europe.

Suren Garnikyan (74 kg) also staged successfully and got bronze medal.

So Armenian team will return from the championship with 11 medals. One of them is golden, two of them are silver and eight medals are bronze. Armenian team got the third place among 21 teams. Georgians were the first and Russian team was on the second place.

Here are our sportsmen who got medals:

Malyan Gor- 56 kg- 1st place

Ghazaryan Juvan-48 kg, 2nd place

Mkhitaryan Grigor-52 kg, 3rd place

Alexanyan Hovhannes-60 kg-3rd place

Petrosyan Edik- 81 kg, 3rd place

Khachatryan Roza- 52 kg, 3rd place

Manukyan Maxim-52 kg, 2nd place

Zatikyan Lendrush-48 kh-3rd place

Manukyan Rafik-68 kg-3rd place  

Garnikyan Surik- 74 kg, 3rd place

Karapetyan Mher-82 kg, 3rd place


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