R. Hovhannisyan: “Today we set out for the New Armenia”

On April 9 at the Armenia Marriott Hotel, the Heritage Party officially kicked off its national campaign. Thousands of supporters packed the Tigran Mets hall to cheer on the candidates of the Heritage proportional list—the unprecedented union of the Heritage and Free Democrats parties, as well as leading civil society representatives. Press service of Heritage Party informs about this.

Heritage leader Raffi Hovhannisian incited the people’s passions with a historic call to action—vowing to take Heritage’s message of hope and freedom “from the great cities to the deafest villages” of the Armenian republic. “Today we set out for the New Armenia,” he declared. “Together we shall move mountains.”

The highlight of the afternoon was the much-anticipated unveiling of Heritage’s campaign anthem—an unprecedented duet of “Sareri Kami” (“Wind of the Mountains”) performed by the legendary singers Ruben Hakhverdyan and Harout Pamboukjian. The magical music video can be found at www.heritage.am.

Through the afternoon speeches by Heritage MPs and new candidates were interspersed with exciting musical interludes. The vocalist Mariam Harutounyan and the lyrical singer Vahan Artsruni inspired the crowd with song, while the popular “Karin” ensemble staged the fabled circle dance.

At the close of the ceremony, Raffi Hovhannisian and campaign manager Khachatur Kokobelyan led hundreds of supporters to Liberty Square, the source of Armenia’s liberation movement, where they paid tribute to the heroes who gave their lives to defend Armenia‘s independence. It was from Liberty Square that the crowd dispersed, on mission to spread Heritage’s message across Yerevan and the great republic beyond.

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