A. Abgaryan: “First of all invalid people must speak about their problems”

Invalid people must be included in partial lists more and they must be in the NA more in order to find out direct solutions for their problems. Chairman of “Harmony” NGO Albert Abgaryan announced about this during the press-conference at “Henaran” press-club.

According to him due to their efforts people who have problems with eyesight will be able to participate in these elections and will vote with a special system. The NGO works on the project since 2007.

A. Abgaryan also informed that unfortunately the political parties have nearly completely ignored problems of invalid people in their pre-electoral programs. Even if their problems are discussed they are included in a common program with elders, refugees and people with social problems. According to him people who are well-informed must present the problems of invalid people. They must have appropriate education and qualities.

“First of all invalid people must speak about their problems as they carry these problems them selves”. Another speaker of the conference chairman of the “Paros” NGA Suren Ohanyan underlined that according to the official index 164.000 invalid people must participate in the elections which is the 6 % of the whole electorate.

“We have been in the regions and we have get acquainted with the situation of invalid people there. Our meetings showed that local authorities are unable to provide conditions for invalid people to participate in the elections because of financial and other reasons”, S. Ohanyan underlined.

Chairman of “Paros” also informed that they have applied to the chairman of the Central electoral committee Tigran Mukuchyan who promised to settle the problem. “Electoral territories are worked out now to become more comfortable for the invalid people.”

The speaker also underlined that there are some positive changes concerning the previous elections.

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