ANC starts its campaign in Ashtarak and Aparan with violations

Municipalities of Ashtarak and Aparan towns of Aragatsotn region have released an announcement which especially says:

“On April 10 Armenian National Congress starts its pre-electoral campaign at Aragatsotn region. Ashtarak, Aparan towns and some near-by villages are elected as a place for propaganda. But they did not escape from the violations just on the first day of the campaign and have already violated some claims of the law. So, 12th article of the “Law about freedom of the meetings” claims that the meeting organizer must inform about it to the responsible body not later than seven days and not earlier than 30 days.

But ANC informed the municipality about the meeting just on April 10. On the same day the meeting was organized. The same day they informed Aparan municipality about the meeting as well. They did not say the expected number of the meeting participants. This point is a certain claim of the law”.

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