Fractions of Artsakh NA: “Terrible crime was committed in Maragha and the criminals are unpunished yet”

“Motherland”, “Democracy” and “Federation” fractions of Artsakh National Assembly and “Artsakh-house” group of the deputies released a joint announcement on the 20th anniversary of Maragha tragedy.

“On April 10, 1992 Azerbaijani military departments attacked Maragha settlement of Martakert region, Nagorno Karabakh. This settlement had no danger for Azerbaijani side.

The military actions aimed to annihilate Maragha, kill the peace residents and drive them away from their motherland. Hundreds of Armenians were killed and driven away in Maragha and fates of many of them are not known yet.

A terrible and hard crime was committed in Maragha and the criminals are unpunished yet. This settlement is still occupied. More than 1000 residents of Maragha are living now in various parts of the world.

Fractions of Artsakh National Assembly strictly condemn the massacre in Maragaha and announce it to be genocide. The fractions announce that

-they will achieve the punishment of those criminals, who killed peace residents,

-they will protect the rights of Artsakh people who created a state in the motherland and the protection of the territorial integrity is among those rights,

-they will always deny the xenophobia and the propaganda of the violence”, the announcement says.

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