Gallup international will hold Exit Poll in Armenia for the first time

Today “Armenia” TV channel and “Gallup International Association” signed a treaty according which Gallup sociological researching center will hold social inquiry and Exit Poll on parliamentarian elections in Armenia. The treaty was signed by the director of the TV channel Davit Avetisyan and by the vise chairman of the organization Concho Stoychev.

Mr. Stoychev presented their mechanisms of the researches and noted that two studies differ from each other. People’s preference towards this or that political force is presented during the social inquiries. During the Exit Poll people are asked whom they have given their vote just some minutes ago. “People vote for the second time”.

According to the vice chairman of the “Gallup” the possibility of being false is just 1-2 % during the Exit Poll.

“And about the big parties: that percent will not have any meaning for them. But the parties which try to overcome the 5 % entrance take into consideration every percent. So it is more difficult for us with them as it is hard to say whether they have got 5.1 % or 4.9 %”, K. Stoychev said.

He also underlined that the concrete results will be got just after the real calculation and it claims more time and calculations in details. He noted that their research will be ready in the middle of the electoral day. But as the speaker assured the results will be announced after the electoral territories will be closed. Mr. Stoychev was asked whether Armenian characteristics will be taken into consideration while holding the Exit Poll. “It is a standard mechanism and there is no special approach towards the national characteristics. Armenia is a place where Exit Poll can be completely used. Our researches showed that Armenian shares his position and attitude normal and calmly”.

Exit Poll is held for the first time in Armenia and will present the results of the proportional elections.

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