Project National Womb: Baby-Boom in Nagorno-Karabakh is awarded with a prestigious prize

Photographer from London Anastasia Taylor-Lind is awarded a prestigious international prize for the project National Womb: Baby-Boom in Nagorno-Karabakh, the initiator of which is the non-commercial Photographers’ Organization Center in Santa Fe, NKR MFA press service informs.

In her work, Taylor-Lind presented the state program of birth rate encouragement in the NKR, according to which, the newlyweds are granted cash benefits for every newborn baby to ensure stable demographic development of the region, which strongly suffered from the war unleashed by Azerbaijan.

Anastasia Taylor-Lind will get a cash bonus in $10,000 and will present her work at an exhibition in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She will also have an opportunity to attend the annual Photo Gallery in Santa Fe, which brings together hundreds of photographers, editors, and curators.

The contest’s jury comprised representatives of Denmark, Mexico, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Great Britain, and the USA. In their statement, the contest’s organizers noted, “Regardless of the area, where the photos were made, bringing victory to the author, this work covered universal topics, to some extent internationally highlighting the issues that affect us all”.

All photos of Arstakh babies can be found here

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