Gyumri residents held protest action against the initiative of Azerbaijani film festival

Today protest action took place in Gyumri central square against the initiative to hold Azerbaijani film festivals in this town. Shirak center web-site informs about this.

Remind that Armenian so called peacemaker George Vanyan intends to hold Azerbaijani film festival in Gyumri town. His initiative to make the festival in Yerevan and Vanadzor was failed as the society is against such actions. A huge struggle started and this meaningless event did not take place in Yerevan and Vanadzor. But now Vanyan decided to try again and again speaks about this shameful festival. Vanyan wants to organize festival of Azerbaijani films in case when Azerbaijanis killed Armenians in Baku, Maragha, Sumgayit just nearly twenty years ago, in case when an Azerbaijani criminal killed Armenian lieutenant Gurgen Margaryan in Budapest when he was slept and now this criminal is national hero in Azerbaijan. Armenian villager Manvel Saribekyan was captured and killed by Azerbaijanis just nearly a year ago. Azerbaijanis shot at our border and kill our soldiers on the border. Armenia and Azerbaijan are in war yet. And some George Vanyan wants to organize festival of Azerbaijani films in Armenia. Vanyan announces that the festival will assist to launch dialogue between Armenian and Azerbaijani societies. Note, that dialogue has two parts but all of us know that such actions are held only in Armenia. Azerbaijani authorities just spread Armenophobia as the base of their politics.

Armenians in social networks are very active and announce they will not let such a shameful event take place.

Note that no one organization gave place Vanyan to hold the festival in Yerevan and chairman of the “Asbarez” press-club Levon Barseghyan agreed to give the place and named his action “protection of speech freedom”.  

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