S. Sargsyan: “No one can accuse us in idleness”

Armenian President and leader of the RPA party Serzh Sargsyan visited Armavir region and met with the voters of Etchmiadzin and the near-by communities.

“No one can accuse us in idleness, no one can accuse us in using the authority as a enjoyment but not as a work and responsibility”, Armenian President S. Sargsyan noted in his speech.

Speaking about the economical sphere Armenian President noted that our country had problems but the economy is not collapsed. “Fortunately we have not reduced any social program.”

Armenian President called on the presents to be more active and to claim more. “We must do more for Etchmiadzin”, he underlined.

Commenting on RPA motto S. Sargsyan said that we must believe as nothing can be without belief. Not a serious family or collective or friendship can be without belief. State and Army will not exist without belief.

S. Sargsyan also visited Paraqar community of Armavir region and put garland at the memorial of Artsakh war victims.

Speaking with residents of Paraqar, Merdzavan and Musaler communities RPA leader said that the party would continue fulfilling its programs for the state’s development and for the people’s well-being. “We will continue our works to strengthen and develop village. Agriculture must be connected with the village development.”

S. Sargsyan also underlined that the communities near Yerevan must be like the capital and these residents must clean whole differences between city and village. Sargsyan underlined that they had an aim to provide the settlement with all measures which are needed for comfortable life.

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