Expert: “Some Western forces try to include Azerbaijan in anti Iranian affairs”

“Some Western forces try to include Azerbaijan in anti Iranian affairs. At the same time Azerbaijan is unable to act against Iran obviously”. Expert on Azerbaijan Sargis Asatryan announced about this during the press conference at “Armat” press-club today.

The speaker underlined the fact Azerbaijan have got a great amount of weapon during the last time and added that the events in Caucasian countries make an image as if the countries are getting for the way.

Azerbaijan gains weapon and it is a sign for the Caspian countries and Russia must also show troubles”, the expert underlined and added that no obvious clash between Azerbaijan and Iran would take place.

Another speaker of the press-conference Nver Davtyan reminded in his turn the announcement of Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense that they were not going to use the technique against Iran.

“Anyway it is a trouble for Iran. Azerbaijan is unable to stand against Iran alone so it looks at the American countries and especially at Israel”, N. Davtyan underlined and expressed opinion that Azerbaijan may use the military technique in any case but it is not effective against Armenia.

S. Asatryan also noted that it is not effective to use such technique against Armenia and in it is just an alert for Russia.

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