Properties and money of Armenian political parties: CEC published the list

Central electoral committee published information about the financial condition of the Armenian political parties which have presented their candidacies to enter to the Armenian NA. The information includes the property, money and the profits of the parties.

According to the information Armenian Democratic Party has territories in Yerevan, Gavar, Gyumri, Ararat and Abovyan. It has profit of 8 million. 3 million of it comes from the membership fees and 5 millions come from donations. Democratic Party does not have any properties.

Armenian Communist Party does not have any properties or profits. It has two cars and money of 131.000 AMD.

“Prosperous Armenia” party has territories in nearly all regions of Armenia. Accoridng to the information in does not have expensive properties or cars. It has money of 26 million AMD. “Prosperous Armenia” got 2.9 million AMD from the membership fees and 12 million AMD it got from the state budget.

“Heritage” party has an apartment at Yerevan, Moskovyan Street and this is not a property but is taken by a rent. The party does not have any property it has money of 1.3 million AMD. The amount exists by the donation of state budget and by Raffi Hovhannisyan’s personal investment of 400.000 AMD.

RPA has own properties, territories, buildings at nearly all communities. It has eight transports, has money and valuable properties. It gets donation and membership fees of 266 million AMD. RPA gets 13 million AMD from the rents.

Armenian Revolutionary Federation has 35 real estates which are houses, apartments, trade points and so on. It gets 25 million AMD from membership fees, 10.5 AMD it gets from state budget and it gets 9.6 AMD from the rents.

“Rule of Law” has 765 m2 territory at Yerevan, Abovyan Street. It has two cars. The party has no valuable property. It has money of more than 3 million AMD.

“United Armenians” party has no properties. It has nearly 15 million AMD and 13.7 million of it was used to restore the “Zvartnots” cathedral.

Conservative party “People’s way” parties of ANC have nothing. “Democratic motherland” party has real estates by rent and has money of 708.000 AMD. Armenian National Movement has 5 million AMD membership fees and has 297 m2 at Saryan Street. “Republic” has territory in Yerevan and has 103.000 AMD. Aram Sargsyan donated 600.000 AMD.  Armenian Peoples Party has two buildings by rent and 17.700 AMD.

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