“Azerbaijani film festival” is canceled in Gyumri

As we have already informed that the protest action is accepted in Gyumri today concerning so called “Azerbaijani film festival” which head of the “Caucasian Center of peace initiatives” Geogre Vanyan intended to hold in Gyumri.

As blogger Tigran Qocharyan informed Times.am from Gyumri the event will not take place.

“Gyumri residents are furious. Many young people have gathered at “Asbarez” press-club and no one is allowed to enter. It is obvious that the event will not take place”, T. Qocharyan noted.

Blogger also informed that the young people who went to Gyumri from Yerevan took discs about the Maragha tragedy and gave them to the Gyumri residents.

“Vanyan announced that he would stay in Gyumri will 16:00 o’ clock, but Levon Barseghyan and police hardly managed to take him from the town”.

Note that this is the next failure by Vanyan. His shameful initiative was failed in Yerevan and Vanadzor before. This time Vanyan tried to check his abilities in Gyumri.

Note that protest action took place also yesterday in Gyumri.

A page against the Azerbaijani film festival was created in “Facebook” social network and it had more than 700 supporters in a very short term.

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