Incident in Abovyan: “Prosperous Armenia” made obstacles for ANC

As writes an incident took place in Abovyan town today where Armenian National Congress held a meeting with the voters. It was expected that representatives of “Prosperous Armenia”(PA) will do something and an incident will certainly take place.  The meeting did not started yet when some members of the “Prosperous Armenia” started to shout from the crowd that they did not believe in anyone as everyone is a cheater and the pensions are not paid. The gathered people clashed and started to shout.

Some RPA activists appeared who ordered the PA representatives to keep silent. They argued. asked the activist whether is was right ANC had no voters in Abovyan and the whole town is owned by the “Prosperous Armenia”. The activist said: “Not only Abovyan town but also the whole Kotayq region”.

Aram Manukyan asked everyone not to argue and keep silence. After it the meeting started.

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