R. Hayrapetyan is ready to have a debate with all parties but only not with a woman

Today candidate for deputy at 1st electoral territory Ruben Hayrapetyan met journalists and answered to their questions especially about the pre-electoral situation.

Answering to the question whether it was possible to organize a political debate with Gayane Arustamyan who has also presented her candidacy at the same electoral territory R. Hayrapetyan said: “It is excluded. I do not consider it is right to have a debate with a woman. May be I will have some argue with a woman and if I win her I will feel a man myself. No, I do not want it as I see the woman in another position”, R. Hayrapetyan said. He also underlined that he was ready to have a debate with any party but he did not accept the phenomenon of “political debate”. “I think that people must be evaluated by the work they are doing and by their announcements”.

The candidate announced that he was ready to hold a debate with all members of the party list which has presented Gayane Arustamyan. He excluded only the third number of the list as he was Hayrapetyan’s friend.

R. Hayrapetyan also announced that he is afraid of Gayane Arustamyan as she is really frightening. “She is a woman she may suddenly crew me and what will I do then?”

Answering to the question why he has presented his candidacy Hayrapetyan said: “I have heard that Levon Ter-Petrosyan is going to put his candidacy at the 1st electoral territory. I have tried to use the opportunity and show everyone who Levon Ter-Petrosyan is in reality. But he seems was afraid and did not put the candidacy”.

Ruben Hayrapetyan also referred to the possible debate between Samvel Alexanyan and Nicol Pashinyan. “I will stop to respect Samvel Alexanyan if he becomes equal to Nicol and holds a debate with him. Levon Ter-Petrosyan must come and sit against S. Alexnayan. The latter will prove that he is more useful for Armenia that Ter-Petrosyan is”.

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