Armenian newspapers today: pre-electoral meetings and actions

“Hraparak” writes that despite of the image of conflict between RPA and “Prosperous Armenia” the latter agreed to be “small brother” for RPA. According to the newspapers in every community RPA will get 35 %, “Prosperous Armenia” will get 25 % and the other votes will remain for the others.

As “Zhokhovurd” writes member of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation General-lieutenant Arthur Aghabekyan “ordered” the Syuniq residents who were under his supervision to vote for ARF in the coming elections on May 6. After the meeting the concert took place in Kapan. 

“Iravunq” newspaper writes: “This Wednesday Vardan Oskanyan met some bloggers and the meeting lasted for some hours. Some part of the meeting was off-record. In general Oskanyan tried to convince the bloggers to act against “Heritage” party and be with “Prosperous Armneia” party. Oskanyan did not achieve any significant results and on the end of the meeting Oskanyan met a bad surprise. Blogger Izabella Abgaryan member of the “Heritage” party list announced about her identity. Oskanyan was in terrible mess and just ended the meeting.

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