M. Hakobyan: “The staff of the Army must be educated”

“The staff of the Army must be educated and this is obligatory not only for the higher staff but for the soldiers as well”. Commander of the Artsakh Defense Army, Minister of Defense of Artsakh Movses Hakobyan announced about this during the press-conference in Artsakh, aysor.am informs.

“During the war only some people had military education and we must be thankful to our nation. Our teacher, our engineer, people of various professions gathered and managed to gather groups. They managed to use the weapon in short time and managed to organize defense and attack”, M. Hakobyan said.

According to the commander of the Defense Army 5 % of the officers of the Defense Army have academic education and 42 % of them have military education. “This process is continuing: education and abilities are the base of everything”.

Movses Hakobyan reminded that during the war 73 years old Christopher Ivanyan established a military center in Artsakh and urged everyone to have trainings.

“Later we have realized its importance. Military base of the Defense Army is the best base. Our units are provided with everything. We have fields for trainings, cars, technique for trainings. Soldier’s readiness is very important. Ready soldier is able to annihilate the enemy”, he underlined.

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