Armenian newspapers today: pre-electoral campaign in different regions and communities

“Chorrord inqnishkhanutyun” writes that the situation becomes hotter and hotter at 6th electoral territory of Ajapnyak community. Four candidates for deputy are presented here: Vahan Karapetyan from “Prosperous Armenia”, brother of Armenian chief prosecutor Ruben Hovsepyan form RPA, Armen Martirosyan from “Heritage” party and ANC representative Avet Pogosyan. According to the newspaper activists of RPA and “Prosperous Armenia” have clashed. According to the information representatives of “Prosperous Armenia” tried to make propaganda and at that time RPA activists made a scandal. After the conflict RPA and “Prosperous Armenia” high level officials met and everything was settled. But the situation may “burst” every minute here.

According to “Harparak” RPA candidates have boycotted “Center” and “Yerkir media” TV channels. The party does not give pre-electoral ads to these TV channels. The newspaper tried to find out the reason of the boycott from Davit Harutyunyan, RPA deputy leader of the staff.

“This is not a boycott but this is called media planning. We have really limited resources so we have to work out the most effective plans.” Does this mean that RPA have money problem to broadcast its video ads? “No, there is limit by the law. Only 100 million drams must be used for it. So we must choose effective policy”.  

According to “Zhokhovurd” Armenian National Congress has not presented candidates at the electoral territory where leader of the “Prosperous Armenia” Gagik Tsarukyan has presented his candidacy. Relations between ANC and “Prosperous Armenia” have become warmer recently.

As “Hraparak” writes political struggle in Syuniq becomes more and more interesting. “Rule of Law” holds propaganda with concerts here. According to the newspaper this idea belongs to former speaker of Armenian Ministry of Defense member of “Rule of Law” Davit Karapetyan. He has organized concerts in Goris for already some days.

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